Friday, September 16, 2011

Netflix Love it or Leave it?

I normally do not comment on non-dividend paying companies, yet this company had the potential to become a shareholder's income dream! Netflix was flying high for months and months. On July 13th, 2011 NFLX hit the $298.73 mark, however recently management missed the boat. Their stock has dropped to $168.00 (as of pre-market today). Excluding other factors, mainly due to raising their rates on their loyal consumers. Why raise their fees and risk potentially becoming a dividend aristocrat? Click here to read an excellent article posted on CNBC to learn more. Also, visit Netflix's Investor relations portion of their website, here. I sure hope they can recoop their lost client base because I strongly believed they were on track to become yet another "Common Man" Roth IRA stock. Not only as a growth stock, but a future dividend paying monster.

Netflix 2 years ago, watch below :)

Netflix as of July 2011, watch below :(

Netflix as of today! Click below. Double :(
Netflix not cheap enough, still room to fall, says Tarsala

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