Sunday, October 30, 2011

What May My 401(k) Be Worth?

Click here to enter in your current 401k information and then be amazed at how much you could potentially have in your account come retirement time! Stay invested for the long term!

Also, please watch the video below for reasons why you should have a 401k and use your company match.

Top 25 Tech Related Stocks for 2012

Recently I have been asked, "Which technology related stocks do you like?" Well, there is a difference between which stocks I like versus which ones I suggest to be included within your Roth IRA stock portfolio. Most technology stocks do not pay dividends. Their yield is 0.00%, which is okay if their stock price continues to go up and up, however it is hard to find great dividend aristocrats in the tech sector as a whole.

Listed below are my top 25 stock selections for 2012. They are in order by dividend yield. I like all of these companies, however the tickers in bold/green are stocks I highly suggest for the technology portion of your Roth IRA stock portfolio. If any of these companies peak your interest please do your due diligence before investing your hard earned money. Keep a close eye on these stocks throughout Q4 2011 and  all of 2012. Have a great Sunday!

Ticker Market Cap 52 Week Range Dividend Yield Current Price
T 176.24B 27.20-31.94 $0.43 5.78 $29.74
VZ 106.53B 31.60-38.95 $0.50 5.31 $37.63
INTC 131.17B 19.16-25.2 $0.21 3.36 $24.98
MSFT 226.96B 23.65-29.46 $0.20 2.97 $26.98
TXN 35.99B 24.34-36.71 $0.17 2.16 $31.50
XRX 11.83B 6.55-12.08 $0.04 1.99 $8.53
HPQ 55.52B 21.50-49.39 $0.12 1.72 $27.94
QCOM 89.41B 44.55-59.84 $0.22 1.62 $53.23
IBM 220.93B 140.75-190.53 $0.75 1.6 $187.45
SNE 22.46B 18.10-36.97 $0.16 1.36 $22.38
CSCO 99.57B 13.30-24.60 $0.06 1.29 $18.56
EBIX 651.54M 17.29-17.91 $0.04 0.91 $17.61
ORCL 169.95B 24.72-36.50 $0.06 0.71 $33.69
NVDA 9.42B 11.47-26.17 $0.00 0 $15.60
DELL 29.76B 12.99-17.60 $0.00 0 $16.31
SYMC 13.33B 15.36-20.50 $0.00 0 $17.99
AMZN 98.83B 156.77-246.71 $0.00 0 $217.32
JNPR 13.22B 16.67-45.01 $0.00 0 $24.81
AKAM 5.08B 18.25-54.65 $0.00 0 $28.29
EBAY 42.92B 26.86-35.35 $0.00 0 $33.25
AAPL 376.31B 297.76-426.7 $0.00 0 $404.95
AMD 4.10B 4.31-9.58 $0.00 0 $5.94
GOOG 194.38B 473.02-642.96 $0.00 0 $600.14
NFLX 4.42B 74.25-304.79 $0.00 0 $84.14
BIDU 50.46B 94.33-165.96 $0.00 0 $144.62

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Manilla - Free Online Account and Bill Organizer

I am sold, even though I did not have to pay for this service. It is completely free! What am I talking about? Manilla, which is a free online account and bill organizer website. I love the service because I no longer have to log into 50+ bank, credit card, investment, tv/internet, utility, subscription and school loan online accounts. With one simple log on I can have a high level view of how much I owe, how much I've saved, and how much I have left to pay on various accounts. You can even view or pay each bill within Manilla. In my opinion, bills load faster and are easier to access in Manilla. The iPhone App is simple to use and has not let me down. In fact, Manilla sent me an e-mail alert the other day telling me that I had one day left to pay my electricity bill!

Per Manilla, "Get your bills, statements and balances instantly organized in one secure place online. Finally, one easy way to manage all of your accounts, subscriptions and loyalty programs. Easy access to all of your accounts with a single log in to our secure site. Automatic reminders help you avoid late fees. Manage your life in less time. Dramatically reduce the time and hassle of staying on top of your accounts and bills."  This is all true!

Click here to begin and watch the video below to learn more about this great service. is just as great, but I've taken a liking to Manilla. It is only in the Beta version so imagine how excellent the service will be when they are fully live. Have a great remainder of the weekend!

Note: I am never paid to advertise these types of services or stocks for that matter. That just wouldn't be right! I just like to share what I learn with others.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Xerox Corporation - XRX

Xerox Corporation, stock ticker XRX, offers a broad portfolio to investors. Xerox is in the document technology business. They provide document imaging services, software, and business process and information technology outsourcing support. XRX sells their products and supplies then provides technical services and financing of products. XRX sell directly to customers through their global sales force and through a network of independent agents and the internet.

XRX currently pays investors $0.04 per share, which is a great 2% yield. Their current share price is $8.53, which is a 50% discount to where they were back in December 2007. XRX is a strong market leader and should do very well in Q4 2011 and all throughout 2012. They pay a respectable dividend and generate plenty of cash. I strongly believe that XRX is being underestimated. Management was on the right track even if they did not acquire ACS. 

Xerox makes competitive color printers and their move into services through acquisitions will bring higher margins! XRX has a great reputation and focus on quality. They have plenty of liquid assets if something was to go a rye. 

XRX is dirt cheap. You should be set for gains if you invest at these levels. They have an excellent DRIP program, click here to learn more. Also, check out this article. Now is the time to invest and hold this puppy for life. Dividend increases will occur and the stock price is not going any lower.

Please visit Xerox's company website here, and their Investor relations page, here. Also, enjoy the videos below which should peak your interest. Until next time, reinvest those dividends, hold all dividend paying stocks within a ROTH IRA account, and last but not least, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Illinois Tool Works, Inc. - ITW

Illinois Tool Works, Inc., stock ticker ITW, is a stable multinational manufacturer of a diversified range of industrial products and equipment with operations in 57 countries. Their most notable business segments include industrial packaging, power systems, electronics, food equipment, and construction products. ITW proudly serves the construction, general industrial, automotive and restaurant markets. In April 2010 ITW acquired Accessories Marketing, Inc. In March 2011, ITW acquired SOPUS Products' Car Care business. In July 2011, they acquired Despatch Industries.

ITW really is a great industrial company that pays a very steady dividend of $0.36 per quarter. Their dividend yield is currently 3.11%, which is above the current treasury rates. ITW has nearly a 50 year record of dividend increases and tends to float under the radar, but those who know about this stellar company are reaping the benefits of their dividend yield. ITW has outstanding management and are quite diversified. They are able to quickly produce their products that is needed in heavy construction. Illinois Tool Works make products, not deals. They offer multiple different manufacturing products and offer various niche market plays of investors. Once the housing market takes off and the economy gets better ITW will be well positioned to profit and increase their dividend.

Just this past October 24th, 2011, ITW reported a 22% increase in quarterly profit, helped by demand for welding products, stronger auto production and dollar weakness. Their revenue rose 16% to 4.58 billion which was much higher than Wall Street's forecast of 4.55 billion. Look for ITW to continue to have these types of profits over the course of the next year.

I expect ITW to outperform the market over the long term. Paring their consistent slow growth in earnings and dividend makes for an excellent reason to invest in their stock. Please visit their website, here, to learn more about this "Common Man" stock. Also, watch the videos below. ITW has been around since 1912 (visit and is going nowhere. You can quote me on that one! Have a great day!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lockheed Martin Corporation - LMT

Lockheed Martin Corporation, stock ticker LMT, is a global security company engaged in the many aspects of advanced technology systems and products. Additionally, LMT serves both domestic and international customers with products and services that have defense, civil, and commercial applications, with its principal customers being agencies of the United States Government. There are four business segments at LMT: 1) Aeronautics 2) Electronic Systems 3) Information Systems 4) Global Services and Space Systems.

Lockheed Martin is the world leader in the air power realm producing the next generation of fighter and attack aircrafts. For example, the F-35 and F-22. LMT also produces venerable stalwarts such as the C-130 and F-16. They make some great airplanes and are in an even better industry. Given the demand for their products, LMT is not going away anytime soon!

LMT's share price rose 1.78% today, which is $1.33. Their market cap is 26.42 billion dollars. I am thrilled about LMT because they recently increased their dividend per quarter. LMT announced that the Board of Directors authorized a fourth quarter 2011 dividend of $1.00 per share and the purchase of up to an additional $2.5 billion of Lockheed Martin common stock under its share repurchase program. This increase is a $0.25 or 33% increase over the prior quarter. The dividend is payable December 30, 2011 to holders of record as of the close of business on December 1, 2011. Their dividend yield is currently 5.08%! This is a great sign that LMT means business and are rewarding their shareholders. I assure you that LMT is a safe high yielder and a wise stock purchase. LMT is a long term hold if you ask me.

Click here to visit LMT's website and here to visit their Investor Relations page. I highly suggest that you analyze LMT's 2010 Annual report, click here. Also, please watch the videos below to learn more about LMT. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the week! Reinvest those dividends and hold your dividend stocks within a Roth IRA for life!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brandywine Realty Trust - BDN

Brandywine Realty Trust's, stock ticker BDN, current dividend yield is a whopping 7.09%. Each share will cost you $8.46, which is 47.5% discount from it's price of $17.78 on August 15th, 2008. At that time BDN was paying a dividend of $0.44 per share. BDN was hit pretty hard during the Great Recession, but they have survived and maintained their stance in the REIT arena.

BDN is one of the largest, publicly traded, full-service, integrated real estate companies in the United States. Brandywine operates as a real estate investment trust and owns, develops and manages a primarily Class-A suburban and urban office portfolio. BDN is headquartered in Radnor, PA and maintains regional operations in Pennsylvania, Metro DC, New Jersey, Richmond, Delaware, Texas, Northern California, and Southern California.

Do the math. If you invested $5,000.00 today, you would receive about 591 shares. You would receive $88.65 of dividends in January 2012 and every three months for the rest of your life. And that's 1) without reinvesting your dividends, 2) excluding stock price increases and 3) dividend increases. Consider this. 591 shares of BDN with a dividend growth rate of 0.5% per year and a stock price growth rate of 1% per year for 30 years. At year 30, with your dividends reinvested, you would have 4,062.28 shares, $35,836.73 dividends paid and a total value of $46,321.41. And this is with modest stock and dividend growth rates. Reinvesting your dividends is what it's all about!

Feel free to visit BDN's website at, and their Investor relations page at to learn more about this solid company. There is no real good reason not to include BDN in your Roth IRA stock portfolio. Each Roth IRA should include at least one REIT. There are some great ones and add BDN to that list. Real estate may never get back to the bubble height it was once a few years ago, but it will slowly improve over the years. BDN will too. Since it's a REIT the dividend will improve along with it! Watch the videos below to learn more about BDN and more reasons why I believe it is a solid REIT, especially at this reduced price.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yum! Brands, Inc. - YUM

I love fried chicken (KFC). I love pizza (Pizza Hut). I love the $5 box meal at Taco Bell. Shrimp is always tasty at Long John Silver’s (LJS) and A&W All-American Food Restaurants (A&W), well I've never been to one, but who doesn't like a root beer float! All of these companies are owned by YUM! Brands, Inc., stock ticker YUM. They pay a $0.28 dividend, current dividend yield of 2.12%. I generally like any company which pays higher than 2% dividend yield, but the company must be diversified in their industry and post solid numbers each quarter. YUM does just that. Their market cap is 24.75 billion dollars, they are 77% institutionally owned, and have a P/E of 21.04. YUM went up $1.58 today alone!

YUM's biggest competitors are McDonald's (MCD), Panera Bread (PNRA), Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), Burger King Holdings (BKC), Darden Restaurants (DRI) and Wendy's (WEN). That's a lot of competition, but YUM has developed their own niche and are exceeding most analyst's expectations. It is very difficult to stop the MCD money train or the buzz around PNRA or CMG, but YUM is taking over China and various other foreign countries. It has been said that in China, KFC and Pizza Hut are the best fast food places to go to. The Chinese interest in fried chicken and the All American Pizza pie is gaining momentum. True, MCD is opening restaurants left and right, but are they ruling the pizza and fried chicken industry? They do not even offer those two items on their current menus. I am not bashing MCD, actually I like MCD as a buy, more so than YUM, but one must get invest in the fast food industry as heavily as possible. YUM is a different type of buy than MCD. Both are great growth stocks while paying a stable, healthy dividend to boot! Currently, YUM is the McDonald's of China until MCD injects their marketing campaign with $$$.

YUM will continue to expand as Chinese and other foreign country's consumption expands. They are rapidly expanding overseas, and the people in these markets are seeing their median income rise faster than any other time in history. Fast food worked in the United States because it was cheap and convenient, and that is why it will work elsewhere. The food may not always be the best for you, but each YUM brand provides a healthy alternative for those health conscious "Common Man" investors out there.

Please take the time to visit YUM's website, click here. Also, visit their Investor Relations website, here. While on their Investor Relations website there is a 3 minute and 34 second message from their Chairman & CEO David Novak, check it out! He is a real nice guy and has a shareholders first way of doing business.

I have posted a few videos from YouTube about YUM. I highly suggest if you own some MCD already to pick up some YUM shares before purchasing any PNRA, CMG, BKC or WEN. Just as UL is a great alternative to PG, you can't lose with the one, two punch of YUM, MCD. Until next time, reinvest those dividends, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Avon Products, Inc. - AVP

Avon Products, Inc., stock ticker AVP, creates, manufactures and markets beauty and non-beauty related products. Product categories are beauty, fashion and home. AVP's international operations are conducted through subsidiaries in 63 countries and territories outside of the United States. AVP's products are distributed in 41 other countries and territories. 

AVP currently has a dividend yield of 4.09%, which is a $0.23 per share. They have paid their shareholders a dividend since February 16th, 1988 and have never stopped their payout. AVP's market cap totals $9.68 billion and 86% of their purchased shares are institutionally owned. AVP is a classic dividend growth investment. Investing in AVP during your working career is an excellent decision since I believe AVP will grow in value and they will increase their dividend as you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Avon presents great value in their stock because of it being oversold and its 4% dividend. They have made advancements in their skin products putting it on par with Estee Lauder and Lancome for half the price. Great company for those unemployed, easy to sell products because you can easily convert customer once they've tried products. Between growth in earnings and a decent yield this should outperform the S&P. Avon does well regardless of the economy. Just as an Avon lady is trying to obtain residual income for themselves by hocking Avon product, we as investors can obtain residual income by simply purchasing shares of AVP. 

Click here to visit Avon's company website and also here to visit their investor relations section of their website. Feel free to watch the Avon videos below to learn more about the company and just how loyal their employees and customers are. The Avon lady is calling! Telling you to invest your hard earned dollars into AVP, set it and forget it. Reinvest those dividends and let your money compound year after year.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

VF Corporation - VFC

Lee, Majestic, Jansport, Nautica, Wrangler, The North Face, Timberland and Vans. All great apparel brands. Each company fights for your hard earn dollars each and every quarter, especially during the holiday season. Well, what if I told you all of these brands are owned by the same company? Would you believe me? Click here and discover this elite global apparel company!

VF Corporation, stock ticker VFC, designs and manufactures a variety of apparel and footwear for every age class. They are based in the United States and are as diversified as it gets! VF is stacked with major money makers. VF owns a portfolio of brands in the jeans wear, outerwear, packs, footwear, sportswear and occupational apparel categories. Each product is marketed to consumers shopping in specialty stores, upscale and traditional department stores, national chains and mass merchants. VF recently acquired Timberland in September 2011.

I like VF because they pay a $0.63 dividend with a current dividend yield of 1.93%. VF is a $9 BILLION power house and is running on all cylinders for long term success. They put their shareholders first by constantly adding to their brands and have acquired some of the most profitable hitters in the game! VF is the number one jeans maker worldwide. They operate over 700 retail stores and entered the premium jeans niche in 2007 with Seven and For all Mankind brands. VF make apparel and are under licenses with NASCAR, MLB, NFL and the NBA.

VF should be able to stay ahead and grow in this economy. Their dividend growth is on the up and up, and currently, the North Face and Seven jeans are seriously popular! In short, VF has a strong pipeline, their costs are under control and their management is top notch.

Click here to visit VF Corp's website and here to view ALL of the brands under their umbrella of diversity. Please watch all three videos below to get a better feel for this excellent company, their CEO's philosophy about leadership, and how they are pumping major revenues into Greensboro. Purchase some VF for the long haul and reinvest those dividends!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

India Dividend Stock Selections

India's GDP growth rate is on the rise and so are their NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks. I have compiled a listing of my favorite India related stock tickers below. Each stock selection below pays their shareholders a healthy dividend, which is a plus, but more so, they provide excellent coverage for the international sector of your Roth IRA stock portfolio. There is big money to be made here. Please watch each video below and click on the links to learn more about these exciting India based companies. Thank you for your time.

India GDP Growth Rate articles:
India May Overtake China in GDP Growth by 2012
India GDP Growth Rate
Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy pegs down GDP growth to 7.9 pc

"Common Man" India Related Stock Picks:

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (NYSE: RDY) Drug Manufacturing

ICICI Bank (NYSE: IBN) Foreign Regional Banking

Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM) Auto Manufacturing

Wipro (NYSE: WIT) Business Software & Services

Infosys Technologies (Nasdaq: INFY) IT Consulting & Other Services

Sterlite Industries (NYSE: SLT) Basic Materials – Copper

Update: Stock Picks for the week of 10/9/11 to 10/15/11

It was a profitable 11 for 12 week! 11 selected stocks rose to incremental heights, which would have made you a nice hunk of cash during this past week. AAPL flew higher by $52.20 on the release of the iPhone 4S. Although AAPL does not currently pay a dividend, their stock increases are worth diving into. Reap the benefits of a hot stock and continue to ride it up.

It is important to remember that investing in high yielding dividend paying stocks. Hold on to your dividend paying stocks for the long term. Feel free to watch the video below about Southern Company. A dividend paying master! SO will inject profits and stability into your Roth IRA stock portfolio. Have a great day!

Net Gain/Loss  +70.87       +18.67 (excluding AAPL)

Stock Ticker    Quote @ 10/9/11   Quote @ 10/15/11

MO - Altria Group, Inc. $27.43     $27.67  +$0.24
UHT - Universal Health Realty Income Trust $32.94   $36.06   +$3.12
SO - Southern Company $42.37   $42.67   +$0.30
NGG - National Grid $50.59    $50.36   -$0.23
VZ - Verizon Wireless $36.16    $37.33   +$1.17
AAPL - Apple, Inc.  $369.80 (should pay a dividend!)   $422.00   +$52.20
WMT - Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. $53.70    $55.46   +$1.76  
TJX - The TJX Companies, Inc. $55.70   $57.71   +$2.01
DRI - Darden Restaurants, Inc. $44.12   $46.66   +$2.54
PFE - Pfizer, Inc. $18.44   $19.04   +$0.60
LRY - Liberty Property Trust $27.66   $29.75   +$2.09
EAT - Brinker International, Inc. $20.99   $22.29   +$1.30

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple iPhone 4s, iCloud and Siri - It's dividend time!

It's pay day for Apple shareholders. Other than AAPL rising $13.57 yesterday October 14th, 2011, I strongly believe a dividend is in the works. Apple was a cash cow prior to the release of iPhone 4s, iCloud and Siri. Look for their cash on hand to rise especially during the next few quarters. With these great new products and features Apple will be on top for many, many years, maybe as long as the rest of our working careers.

It is great to buy the latest Apple products, but its more important to invest in AAPL to fully fund the technology sector, and quite honestly retail sector of your Roth IRA stock portfolio. Apple stores are popping up everywhere and they are about to take over!

Click on this link to read more about how bullish investors like myself are calling for a dividend. Also, watch the videos below. Be on the look out for more from Apple. While we wait for a dividend, let's enjoy the stock increases and continue to hold long term. That may be an simple stock analysis, but for some it is very easy to hit the SELL button after yesterday's rally.

Friday, October 14, 2011

HBC - HSBC Holdings plc

With a $0.45 per share dividend, a 4.32% dividend yield and an excellent long term dividend history I believe HSBC Holdings plc, stock ticker HBC, would make a great addition to the financial sector of your Roth IRA stock portfolio. I have known about HBC for years, but most recently have become more and more interested in this global banking and financial services organization.

HBC's dividend is secure even though it went from $0.85 cents on November 20th, 2007 to $0.45 cents on August 17th, 2011. The dividend is healthy and going no where. China is a big market for HSBC. They sold their London headquarters and moved to Hong Kong. Big things are about to happen.

Just wait until the global economy recovers. For now, HBC believe it or not, remains a value stock. They were once a high flyer at $98.71. Pick up some shares and hold onto them for life. Let their dividends protect you from stock price fluctuations. Click here to visit HBSC's homepage, and here to visit their investor relations website. Watch the video below for HSBC's top economist on the Euro and UK economy. Don't worry, HSBC will figure it out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ERF - Enerplus Corporation

Here is a great high dividend yielder and a low debt blue chip stock. Introducing, Enerplus Corporation (Enerplus), formerly Enerplus Resources Fund, stock ticker ERF. ERF is an energy investment trust. Their primary focus is to maintain and enhance cash distributions to its unit holders through the development of its operating subsidiaries' existing in crude oil and natural gas properties. ERF has oil and natural gas property interests in western Canada in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba, and in the United States in the states of Montana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota, Maryland, and Utah.

Enerplus' properties have related field production facilities and infrastructure to accommodate Enerplus' production. In 2010 production volumes from Enerplus' properties consisted of  fourty two percent crude oil and natural gas liquids and fifty eight percent natural gas. They had an average daily production of 31,135 barrels per day of crude oil and 288.7 million cubic feet per day of natural gas.

I believe during this upcoming quarter and in 2012 inflation will help the price of oil and this will be good for Enerplus! ERF is a great oil and gas play while waiting for both to double during the next few years. ERF looks to have great upside compared to other great companies within its sector. ERF has a lower payout ratio and a higher yield.

Click here to visit ERF's company website, as well as here to visit their investor relations page. They make a great case to invest in their company and I'm hooked! Don't sit there on the sidelines. ERF is currently paying a MONTHLY dividend of $0.18 per share, current dividend yield of 7.82%! You can't beat this cash cow with plenty of money to give back. Watch the video below and click your BUY button within your brokerage account. I've been reaping the benefits of ERF for years now. I do not get paid for my stock recommendations. My main concern is looking for the "Common Man" and helping you achieve the retirement of your dreams! Have a great day today. Until next time, happy investing!

Interview with CEO Gordon Kerr

Video discussing ERF's conversion to a corporation

Ringing the bell at the NYSE - Smiling ear to ear!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BBT - BB&T Corporation

Unlike most United States banks during the Great Recession of 2008, BB&T Corporation, stock ticker BBT, stood tall, remained profitable, and continued to pay it's dividend. BB&T is a strong regional bank and I believe you should take advantage of their current stock price.

BB&T is the elite financial holding company. They conduct business operations primarily through its commercial banking subsidiary, Branch Banking and Trust Company (Branch Bank). Branch Bank has offices in fourteen states. Operations are divided into seven business segments, community banking, sales finance, insurance and financial services to name a few. Since 1995, they have completed the acquisition of more than 35 community banks and thrifts, more than 85 insurance agencies, and 32 non-bank financial services companies.

BB&T currently pay their shareholders a solid $0.16 per share, which is a 2.86% dividend yield. They will increase their quarterly dividend soon and continue to do so on an annual basis. BB&T are financially sound and diversified. There is great upside potential with BB&T since they made various acquisitions during the aftermath of the Great Recession. They did not take on any risky loans during that time which should contribute to their rise in value and stability.

BB&T sells for $22.40, as of today. I believe this is at least a $30.00 stock within 6 months and will continue to rise. Make your first move your best move and pick up some BB&T tomorrow. Ride this one back to the levels of $40.00 with a $0.47 per share dividend.

Click here to visit their homepage, as well as here to visit their investor relations website. Feel free to watch the video below to learn more about BB&T's former CEO's business philosophies which are still very important to the company. BB&T is here to stay! Have a great remainder of the week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

MO - Altria Group, Inc.

Altria Group, Inc., stock ticker MO, is the parent company of Philip Morris USA. Altria controls much of the U.S. tobacco market with Parliament, Marlboro, and other brands. They are a holding company and wholly own their subsidiaries. Altria engages in the manufacturing and selling cigarettes and certain smokeless products in the United States. MO owns the John Middleton Company which engages in the manufacturing and selling of machine made cigars and pipe tobacco. Altria segments include cigarettes, smokeless products, wine, cigars, and financial services. It is important to note that Altria has been the best performing stock of the last 50 year. Love them or hate them, but people will continue to smoke and Altria will continue to sell their smokes for greater prices and profits. During the Great Recession of 2008 and even now as the economy begins to slowly leak back into a recession, people remain addicted to cigarettes. I strongly believe that they will give up everything except smoking! Altria pays an excellent, healthy dividend of $0.41 per share, which is a 5.94% yield as of today, and will continue to survive further market drops! Just as smokers are addicted to their cigarettes and tobacco it is easy to become an Altria dividend addict. Purchase some MO if it drops below $24.00 and hold for life! Always remember to purchase your dividend stocks within a Roth IRA account, for maximum tax savings! This dividend monster stock offers stability during market volatility. 

Click here to visit Altria's home page, as well as here to visit their Investor Relations website. Also, enjoy this short clip pertaining to Altria's profit powers and what it's like to work at Altria.

Evidence: Altria Group Inc Reaffirms FY 2011 EPS Guidance-Conference Call



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